About Tree Peas and its Authors

Tree Peas- a journey of (Title Pending)

Three friends. One fantastic idea. This is a journey of us and the story we want to tell the world. Like a seed from a humble pod, one simple idea has proven to capture us far beyond its genesis. There was more story than what that small pea contained, and we are determined to discover it exactly what it holds. Tree Peas will be where we build and develop this story of crime, revenge, and murder!

The bags have been packed, the Hobbit hole has been closed up, and its time to travel the distance.


About the Authors


One of the three pods, J.C. has been close friends with the other Tree Peas for as long as three peas could know each other. J.C. is a student studying Biology, but oftentimes tends far more often to her rowdy mistress: Writing. J.C. loves several things, many of them not suitable for the sane mind. J.C’s interests include molecular biology, theoretical physics, cosmology, writing, books, animation, broadway musicals, abnormal psychology, neuroscience, and film. J.C.’s more tangible interests include violin, dance, and art. J.C.’s more embarrassing interests include Sherlock, watching cartoons, listening to music no one listens to anymore (like classic rock and disco), spending too much time on Youtube, watching film commentary on films she will never watch, and accepting her fascination with drag queens.


K has many strange characteristics, and many of which stems from her undying curiosity to explore, no matter how mundane. For instance, the love of the letter “K” is one a mystery to even herself, but nonetheless, it was appealing enough alone to stand to represent her name. The many tangents K’s thoughts likes to mindlessly wander off into  can be explained by her hyperactive imagination about worst-case scenarios, re-runs of past embarrassments, and conversations with people she will never know. K is the oddball due to her unabashed love of anime and manga, and while some like to think its just a phase,  she likes to view it as a lifestyle choice. K also loves to cook, and often has food-recipe dreams and will re-create her dream dish ideas. Besides attempting to cook and write an interesting bio, K will often indulge in the the domestic tortures of drawing, reading, knitting, and watching any show all in one sitting. Needless to say, K has a range of quirks, but she is always willing to learn.


N.A. has been known to be the quiet one throughout all of her childhood. Though she might have little to say, her mind is constantly buzzing with what-could-have-been scenarios and witty comebacks. N.A.’s expression comprises of cheesy poetry and sketchy art. Her appreciation for the environment and nature is the inspiration for most of her creative works, and this makes her a silent activist for environmental protection and clean energy.  N.A. is fascinated with murder mysteries, especially the works of the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie. N.A. low-key wants to be an athlete, or rather, just be athletic. N.A. is a proud Ravenclaw and owner of a snake patronus. Do not underestimate her strength; you will be surprised.