Welcome Tree Peas!

Hello lovely friends, fellow writers, creative minds, and partners in crime! Welcome to the place where all the goodness of our story (Pending Title) will come to marinate, sleep, and grow. By the end of this, we’ll have a delicious batch of mouthwatering MURDER MYSTERY!

The setup is completely up for re-creation! Please feel free to jiggle with the buttons and mess with the gears. This site is for all of us (even though I still have to figure out how to add everyone’s profile to the pages).

Here are some things I think would be helpful:

  1. Categories: We can make as many as we want, but for the sake of archiving, attempt to save every post to a relatable category as much as possible. Current categories have been made and include everything that you see to the side when you click categories and tags to the right.
  2. Try filling in the about pages, make an author page to introduce yourself. This site might get traffic, and it would be incredible to show the world who we are and what we are working on!
  3. Everyone is an administrator if I did my primary set up correctly that means that everyone is a god on this site. So feel free to change anything and everything.

Okay, that concludes me. I’m excited to see what everyone else will post.


Hands in.



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